Thursday, December 11, 2008

End of January

Hello All,

Sorry for the delay in updates. Some of you have been writing to
follow-up on Corey's appeal. We ask that you still continue to pray
for Corey and his family.

The lawyer's office informed us that the courts have until the end of
January, first of February to make a ruling on Corey's case. It is our
hope and prayers that all charges be dropped and Corey be freed, or at
the very least give him another day in court.

Again, we ask for prayers for Corey. He's been thankful for the
response thus far and extends his thanks to those who have taken the
time to care.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Corey's story made front page in Sunday's paper (The Herald Leader)

I got up this morning at 7:22 a.m. and headed to the grocery store to pick up a few items.  On my way I remembered that Corey's story would be in the paper today.  Yes, the Herald Leader came through for us.  I was so happy when we were told that they would definitely be able to do the story.  But I was even more surprised to find out that it made front page on Sunday's paper.   

Overall, I was pleased with the story but a couple of details were incorrect.  
The DA mentioned that the people living with my mom paid rent which is untrue.  I find it odd, during the trial, she brought up that they did NOT pay rent but later changed the statement when talking to the Herald Leader.  She also said that the witnesses could not place Corey at the house.  This is also untrue.  One of the witnesses said they remember when Corey left because a specific television show was on.  

Also, the issue about the chain Corey was wearing was NEVER mentioned in the police report and from what we were told was not mentioned until trial.  

Another discrepancy is that Corey was arrested for carrying a loaded gun prior to the incident.  This is also not true, there was a gun but it was not loaded and it also wasn't his.  

The detective said Corey mentioned his baseball cap as not being in the description.  But according to Corey he mentioned his baseball cap AFTER the detective told him the description.   

And in defense of my little brother getting in a fight at Henry Clay High School, the young man involved was a year younger than my little brother.  This young man actually tried to jump Corey and Corey fought back.  The young man's mother decided to press charges because Corey was 18.  Corey decided to plead guilty because he said in his own words "I did it.  I fought him".  This was a case where both parties were guilty but Corey didn't pursue it any further.  

I'm still in awe that this has all happened.  Like I said before, Corey is a good kid.  I still say there is more to this story than even the Kirkland's are willing to tell.  Some of the story just doesn't fit.  My little brother refused to plead guilty because he felt like justice would prevail.  I'm hoping and believing this time it will.  But I am extremely appreciative to the Herald Leader and Delano Massey for giving us a voice.  And once again thanks to all of those who have supported us thus far.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Herald Leader

My husband has set up the blog that now makes it so easy to get to.  Today I spoke with the Herald Leader.  At this point I am fighting to get the story in the newspaper.  

Before I had no doubt...even though my mom did.  Now I really don't know what's going to happen.  I feel like if the story not run, then the Kirklands, the police and the state win.  I trusted the guy who was going to do the story ... now he acts like it just won't be done at all.  Even though he assured me before that it would be ... and I in turn assured my mom.  

But I refuse to give up.

Ms. M. Davis, who is also a reporter said something to me today that was so powerful.  She lost her brother last week.  She's also been trying to help me get the story out.  But she said, "I understand where you are.  You are still fighting for our brother, I no longer have to fight for mine."  That's the whole thing in a nut shell.  I have to FIGHT for my little brother.

The newspaper doesn't care, the state doesn't care, the police don't care ... it seems like NOONE cares.  So, at this point I'll be his voice and continue to fight.


Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Another incident

On August 20, 2008 on a beautiful sunny afternoon, while playing with my twin girls, my husband told me to look out of my living room window...a policeman had pulled over two young black males who looked about 14 years old.  

These young men were riding there bikes through my neighborhood which is a new construction. I continued to watch and was on my way outside but decided to send my husband to go check into it. My reasoning: I did not want what happened to my little brother to happen to anyone else. I also wanted to make sure these young men had actually done something. BUT....they were just riding through the neighborhood. Both living in adjacent neighborhoods....all they were guilty of that day was being young and black. 

It brought back sooooo many memories. The first emotion I felt was anger. The policeman said he was trying to keep the neighborhood safe. He stated he hadn't seen them in this neighborhood....but (to my knowledge) he doesn't live in this neighborhood. So, how would he know. There have been times where I've  seen unknown shady people in this neighborhood and I've not seen them pulled over once. 

I am still struggling not to pull out the old Public Enemy CD's. 


I am now trying to figure out what more I can do.  But at this point what time I do have has to be devoted to getting my little brother out of prison for a crime he didn't commit. I am now working on a new article. I am also trying to get his story published with the Lexington Herald Leader. Still wondering in my mind why and how. He's a good kid. But because he's a black one cares. But I will continue to fight. PREFERABLY with my Public Enemy CD's..... But PROBABLY without. : )


Thursday, January 31, 2008

Still Holding On!

Corey is doing well.  Still in really good spirits.  Spoke with Sam Potter who is representing Corey in the appeal.  I'm praying this will work.  The appeal goes through on Feb 15th.  I still sometimes can't believe this is happening.  I still think about the people who accused him.  Wonder if they can sleep at night.  Still think the whole story is not being told...but one day the truth will come out.   I do believe that this will work for the good of Corey.  He goes to church everyday that he can.   Reads his bible often.   He also took his GED pre test and scored 37 out of 40.  He's never taken the GED or the pre test.  This was his first time.  He's also taking carpentry classed to help with his dream of becoming an architect.  They don't offer any other classes so he's taking what he can.  Oh, they have moved him to Eastern KY Correctional Complex, 200 Road to Justice, West Liberty KY 41472.  His number his Corey Wayne Jackson/213698/2DL05.  He also wanted me to thank everyone for their prayers.  Please continue to pray with us and for him.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Positive Outlook

Hello Everyone. The WGO staff here posting an update about Corey. The last letter received from Corey was very promising. Corey is in good spirits about his situation. Have things changed? No. But Corey, most certainly has. He has been attending bible studies while in prison and is even more certain that things will work out for the good. He is still striving to attain his GED so that he may do Architecture once he is released. He is hopeful that his innocence will be proven.

Via his last letter, Corey personally wants to let those who read the blog know that all is well and that he thanks everyone for their support and prayers.

Please don't forget the plight of Corey Wayne Jackson.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Last week, I received a call from Corey that they would be sending him to the pen. Devastating news....just don't know what to expect when he arrives. Today, received a letter from Corey. Reading it really got to me. He said he's extremely hungry. Said he slept the first day off but couldn't do it the second day. When he was here, I always made sure he had money on his books so he wouldn't be hungry. He's 19 yrs old...growing...and has always eaten alot. Thought about the people who accused him. Praying to God to help me forgive them. They are comfortable and worries...while we pray for Corey's safety everyday. I feel as if they did know what they were doing. I feel as if they did know they had the wrong person. But noone cared...noone really cared. I try not to allow all of this to get to me. Pregnant with with twins...and have to stay as stress free as possible. The only hope that I hold onto is that God will prevail....because the justice system didn't. BUT Corey's attitude is still awesome. He's still determined to take advantage of his time. Still wants to pursue a career as an architect. I'm believing that he will be successful. Regardless of the circumstances. If anyone would like to write the address is:Corey Wayne Jackson/ 213698 --- Roederer Correctional Complex --- P.O. Box 69 --- LaGrange, KY 40031. Also if anyone would like to send money, it has to be a money order from the US Postal office, made out to him with his number behind his name (213698). Also, under his name, it must say "Inmate's Account". Nothing else can be in the envelope with the money order. Just the money order alone. Thanks to everyone for your support.